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St Joseph's School Waroona

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St Joseph's School, Waroona, was founded by three nuns from the Josephite order. Following on the tradition of Mary Mackillop, they responded to the needs of Catholic children in Waroona. Our school recognises the importance of these sisters, and others of the order, in our past, present and future. Those first three women left such an indelible legacy that they were chosen as namesakes for our three houses: Claude, Leah and Elizabeth.

                Sister Claude O'Neil was noted as a great teacher. Her flag has a book and pen on a blue background because Mary was the teacher of Jesus and the traditional colour of Mary is blue.                                
Sr Leah French was known to love music, especially Irish tunes, so her flag has an Irish harp on a green background.
Sister Elizabeth Murphy, who later worked in Peru, has been given the red flag with a sword   The sword represents Sr Elizabeth fighting for the social justice of poverty in Peru. The red background represents the martyrdom of Sr Irene McCormack, a fellow Josephite sister, who was killed by terrorists while working in Peru in 1991.



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