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3 Year Old Playgroup Program Enrolment

3 Year Old Playgroup Program 

Our 3 Year Old Playgroup Program invites children turning three between 1st July 2020 and 30 June 2021 and their parents/carers to join our playgroup program, consisting of a two-hour session per week during the school terms. Children younger than this may also be accepted, space permitting.

A parent/caregiver MUST attend for the two hours duration. Our playgroup program will run from 8:45am - 10:45am on Fri

days (time subject to change).

Why have a 3 Year Old Playgroup Program?

We believe education is so important that it is essential we provide children the very best opportunity from the earliest age. Our goal is to provide the best possible opportunities for your child before they enter Kindergarten.

Our 3 Year Old Playgroup Program will be facilitated in our new purpose built facility (used as our Kindy on other days). As well as providing rich learning experiences for your child, we provide opportunities for parents/carers to increase their knowledge and skills about early education. We will be looking for any possible early learning difficulties so assistance can be sought at the earliest opportunity. This is also an opportunity for parents/carers to participate in theses experiences with their child and interact with other parents/children in a social situation, similar to a play group.

  • Who can attend?
  •    -     Children born between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021. Younger children may be accepted, space permitting.
  •    -      It is preferred that children have been toilet trained, however this is not essential, especially for children under  3.
  •    -     Attendance at the 3 Year Old Playgroup Program is not a prerequisite for Kindy enrolment in 2025.
  •    -     Any child who does attend the 3 Year Old Playgroup Program will still need to apply for enrolment into Kindy in 2025.
What about the Parents?
As the sessions only run for 2 hours a week, parents/carers are required to attend also. This is a time that you are able to spend with your child, participating in play-based experiences and interacting with one another in a school-like situation.
While the children are engaged, the parents will be able to meet with other parents as well as gain information from a variety of professionals.
The 3 Year Old Playgroup Program for 2024 is free of charge.
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