P & F new terms of reference

St Joseph's School Waroona

P & F new terms of reference

Parents and Friends Group (P&F)

The vision for Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA) is to be a Christ-centred, child-focused community of engaged learning environments, inspiring all to actively live the Gospel. Through Quality Catholic Education, as the elaboration of CEWA’s vision, Catholic schools are called to operate in accordance with the four pillars of Catholic Identity, Education, Community and Stewardship.

As part of the Church’s mission, Catholic schools contribute to parish life. Therefore, the close and mutually beneficial working relationships between school leaders, parents and the parish are essential.

A Catholic School Parents and Friends Group (P&F) provides the opportunity for parents, caregivers and friends of the school to meet, share and become a community that supports and encourages our students and staff in realising the shared vision of Catholic education. The P&F can add strength to their school through community engagement and fundraising initiatives, in addition to being positive advocates for its school.

Implementation of new model of operation

It is expected that unincorporated Parent & Friends Group will confirm the new model of operation at their 2022 Annual Community Meeting and will start operating under the P&F Terms of Reference from January 2023.


St Joseph's Waroona Parents and Friends Group Terms of Reference

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