St Joseph's School Waroona


Extended Leadership Team
Student Captains – meet with the leadership team regularly
Office & Education Assistants leader - Heather Brown
Science of Learning Early Years Leader & MJR/Minivinnies – Robyn Trewren
Science of Learning Leader Numeracy & School council– Kate Vidulich
Science of Learning Leader Literacy & Sports Captains– Melissa Fuller
Assistant Principal – Deborah Glorie
Principal –  Michael O’Dwyer
Support Staff
Finance-  Renae Croft (2 days), (note on LSL term 1) and Kathy Allis (1 to 2 days) and Term 1 Jeanette Stampone
Administration and Marketing- Heather Brown (5 days), Grounds – Leigh Hodgson (1 day)
Kindergarten Education Assistants: Karen Gear & Silvana Vitale
Preprimary Education Assistant: Mia Catalano
Literacy support (MiniLit & MaqLit)  and Year 1 – Elaine Conkling
Literacy support (Toe by Toe) & Numeracy – Deborah Glorie
Special needs lead Education Assistant – Bec Cherry
Chaplain – Jill Ward
Three-year-old playgroup –Mia Catalano
Aboriginal Families as First Educators & Noongar Lesson: Jennifer Turner & Jacinta Tressidor 
Professional Educators

Kindergarten  Robyn Trewren

Preprimary  Maxine Mulholland

Year 1  Annie Bala (released two afternoons by Jan Young) with support from Mrs Conkling

Year 2  Kate Vildulich

Year 3  Yvonne Langan (released by Jan Young )

Year 4  Joshua Wells

Year 5  Melissa Fuller (Monday to Friday)  & Vicki Hodgson (release two half days)

Year 6   Mary-Ann Landwehr (Tuesday to Friday ) & Vicki Hodgson (Mondays)

Visual Arts  Melissa Fuller 
Drama 2-6   Annie Bala
Music  Deborah Glorie   
STEM K - 1 & Extension  Sharni Silvestri
Physical Education  Yvonne Langan (supported by Mr O’Dwyer)

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Postal Address
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Phone: (08) 9782 6500